Thursday, 30 June 2016

July 7th lesson

Dear students,
Today is your last group discussion for the semester. After the last discussion today,  please prepare your presentation with your group. Again, you will be assessed on fluency, grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and content, and you should speak for at least three minutes, but no more than five (10 points).
On the 14th of July, you will have an online vocabulary matching test - a random selection of twenty key words in the spreadsheet (10 points). You should also hand in your vocabulary notebooks (10 points), and discussion summaries (30 points). If you attended ten lessons of which there was a group discussion, you should hand in eight summaries.
(The other 40 points are: 10 for the mid-term vocabulary test, 10 for the mid-term presentation, and 10 for each time you were group leader).
Kind regards,
Chris Elvin

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